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How does it feel to be showing at FashioNXT for the first time this year? It is such an honor to be selected and showcased in FashioNXT. It acts as a perfect platform in getting Yane Mode noticed for its identity and style via this well-known sustainable fashion show on the West Coast. We feel we are sharing a similar vision with FashioNXT, while presenting a confident, empowering, and authentic fashion-forward lifestyle that comes from an aesthetic form in fashion. This sense of self-expression is everlasting, acting just like a piece of the little black dress that brings glamour to every woman. It is also a wonderful experience to work with Tito and Lynn in order to get our vision shown and properly presented. Their suggestions and opinions are very valuable in creating more opportunity for emerging designers.

Tell us about your collaboration with Born Free, USA? We are an anti-fur designer brand for charity. The brand has been supporting animal welfare and eco-friendly global awareness through fashion shows and publications. Their mission is to “keep wildlife in the wild,” and their primary areas of focus in the US are exotic pets. Being part of the campaigns have been very important and valuable for the brand.

What made you decide to show your line in Portland? In regards to having a similar taste in lifestyle and sustainability beliefs, Portland has a special meaning to us.

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