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T : You are one well-rounded designer, with such depth and breadth in skills in all aspects of fashion industry, at such a young age. The list of your mentions in global press is long…

Y : Being loved by global press and consistently showcase on international cities are our greater pleasure, we glad to see how YANE MODE as a brand positioning in the international level and this is what we believe a classic signature designer brand should carry the brand philosophy across the countries, time and space. Since the scoop of creation is endless, we insist to work from original concept to the product, we like Happy old days, B&W photos, Red as Rough which are update on our Pinterest mood boards every season to show our fans the story behind the seam. Being sincere and promising with a vision to design for good,we supporting by amazing professionals internationally specially those friends from Pairs and New York, we are glad to have a team from different aspects of design industry which provides all the necessary design support to build up our brand identity.

T : How does it feel to be showing at FashioNXT for the first time this year?

Y :It feels so glad to be selected and showcase in FashioNXT, it is a perfect platform to get YANE MODE noticed for its identity and style via this well known sustainable fashion show in west coast. We feel we are sharing a similar vision with FashioNXT as presents a confident, empowerment, authentic fashion forward lifestyle which comes from an aesthetic form in fashion while this sense of self-expression which is ever-lasting, just like a piece of little black dress that brings the glamour to every women. It is also a WONDERFUL experience to work with Tito and Lynn to get our vision shown and well presented, their suggestion and options are very valuable to create more opportunity for emerging designers.

T :You are supporting animal rights and welfare, about animal rights, and your show at FashioNXT is benefiting Born Free, USA, which is dedicated to animal rescue. Tell us more about their mission and your collaboration with them.

Y : YANE MODE is an Anti-Fur designer brand for charity; the brand has supporting animal welfare and eco friendly global awareness though fashion shows and publication. YANE MODE show at FashionNXT is benefiting Born Free USA, Use the promo code “Yane1310” when purchasing ticket to the show and 10% of the ticket sales will go to Born Free USA Foundation. Born Free USA’s mission is Keep Wildlife in the Wild and their primary areas of focus in the United States are exotic pets, animals in entertainment, international wildlife trade, and trapping/fur.Being part of the campaigns and supporting animal welfare by action are valuable; we have a collaboration history with Born Free on various campaigns includes the fur free fffashion show conducted in Hollywood ,Oct 2011, It was the same time when Hollywood has become the first U.S. city to ban all sales of animal fur, hair, and skin, from than the words Hollywood is link to Anti-Fur.

T : YANE MODE have been shown in US main fashion capital such as Los Angeles and Manhattan, and how you decided to showing on the West Coast from FashioNXT in Portland ?

Y : Portland has a special meaning to YANE MODE as we both have similar values of Vintage, Sustainability, and Animal Welfare and Tasteful lifestyle that we would spend more of our effort to defend our corn value. Rather than that, Portland has also influence the brand’s character of it’s ever lasting color such as Red, Black and Grey as the brand’s signature color where you would been seen every where in Pearl distract and other industrial area in Portland. We LOVE Portland and we are glad that the city has been rewarded as the greenest city in US!

T :Yane Mode is essentially known for designing for the classy woman such as the LBD. Can we expect to see something similar at FashioNXT 2013?

Y : As a high end designer brand presents elegant, classic, seasonless and ageless glamour, you will continues seeing LBD as our key signature of the Hollywood line, we love to keep seeing every women who worn our LBD presents their greater feminine beauty. We are glad to bring authentic fashion to shows one’s own personality and spirit as self conscious, yet a metaphor for always feeling special by their taste level. It’s been our magic piece which forms womens body shape perfectly by the delicate drape in jersey knit. You can see how the fabric is draped in a way that accentuates the curves at FashioNXT 2013, and you will find “ YOU WILL JUST LOVED IT” !

T : What can people expect from your latest collections?

Y : We will introduce new fashion items in our Work Party line, this is the line where women would wear it not only for work but also for after work cocktail party which fits nowadays cosmopolitan life. New Materials such as Metallic weaved velvet, Discharged print on velvet-like faked leather, Metallic feather weight jersey knit..etcwill be showcase in the FashioNXT with added elements inspired by eco-friendly, vintage wood, ink to YANE MODE’s ageless glamour world. We will be showcasing our first Lightweight Raincoat, Merino wool sweaters and Knitted Evening Clutches in the runway that goes along with the looks , there are definably MORE TO SEE !

T : I understand you’re currently showing at Cityblis online stores. How did you get started with that? This is a website that exclusively invited only the best brands to sell their collections online, so there must be a feeling of elation.

Y : We had been exclusively invited by Cityblis from their US office to launch our online store with them. It is a feeling of elation and honor to be featured and we are welcome to showcase and to sell our product via luxury online stores since luxury online fashion is growing and changing customer purchase behavior. Many people might think it is hard to know if the dress fits or not by online purchase, however, with our particular draping technique experience, our dress can fit standard sizes from XS to M, with this flexible we don’t have fitting problems at all. We also take measure-to-made order for customer who has a special size measurement request.

Featured by About Face . Written by Tamara alazri

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