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YANE MODE in egalite magazine p84 85

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YANE MODE featured in Egalite Magzine full pages with full interview on her brand signature.

E : How was the reason or circuntacia of life that influenced your daily life to engage in the design?

YM :Passion, Profession and Patient.

E:As was your first job as a designer?

YM :Upon my graduation in New York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and my first fashion design job as a sample development coordinator in Anna Sui, I moved to Paris, these are the doors which helped me access the fashion industry; the world-class fashion capitals planted the seed of tasteful eyes and elegant taste with its delighting sense of high fashion.
E :Purpose has Yane Mode in the international market?

YM : YANE MODE is a brand conceptually founded in Paris of its elegant glamour with a twist of New York’s metropolitan life. As mentioned in many of international press, people can see the taste of glamour from the high-end fabrics, classic everlasting color of black, white and red and stylish fashion transition from a day at the office to walking into a five star restaurant or the Four Seasons

E: As you define in today’s world of international fashion?

YM :Fashion world today is a highly international driven and globalized industry, with inspiration happens during your travel in anywhere in the world or browsing the sea of  internet that makes you connected to the World.

E :You think it is necessary the current trend will need to have an ecological conscience?

YM :We support slow fashion to the mainstream fashion market to enhance the ecological system of fashion to avoid fabric wastage by using stock fabrics , to reduce inventory stocking by order-to-made and to create long-lasting fashion by using high quality fabric, everlasting silhouette with innovation of silhouette.

E :Because you decided not to use fur in your designs?

YM :Our NO.1 fashion statement is Anti-Fur. YANE MODE is an Anti-Fur designer brand for charity; the brand has supporting animal welfare and eco friendly global awareness though fashion shows and publication.

E : With your creative vision as you think it is the Latin American fashion?

Y :Most of our sexy party dresses was selected by Hollywood celebrities while our brand is popular among Latin American fashion industry in Westcoast California specially in Los Angeles, those models and press reporters who likes our design are mostly Brazilian Americans, you can see Miss Brazil USA wearing our Party dress and Hollywood lines in the Hollywood channels. Latin American ladies just fits our dresses well with their black hair, tan skin, they carries our brand in the way we would like to position in a classic Hollywood style.

E: Someday we will have a collection of  Yane Mode In Latin American?

YM :We would love to showcase our line in Latin American,  counties in the coming future, as the economy growing rapidly in counties like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina must be a huge need for luxury fashion and we would like this group of people becomes our customer and they are part of our fashion statement. We are looking forward to corporate with the local foundation or organization for catwalk or art show in the future, we also welcome boutique and department store stocklist our products there are interested!

Featured by Jesus Rios . Chief Editor of Egalite Magzine / Photographer Tim VanBergen / Lookbook model Elizabeth Walls / Fashionxt fashion show / Photographers Hal Harrison and Tom Boehme / Fashion icon model Neroulina Fukushima

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