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This season YANE MODE presents her artisan collection from a range of high quality workmanship clothing with a dedicated look. The art direction of the collection is influenced by the sprite of handmade and traditional workshop which produced the best quality in a small scale. Besides the favorite color vermilion we have seen in her previous collection, there are more bronze, blush gold, and metal brown with metal texture for the shift dress and the mini skirt inspired by industrial workshop on metal. New pieces such as the handmade embroidery sequined mesh top, sequined dolly top, and lightweight multilayered silk skirt highlight the theme Artisan with a high visual impact in a dimensional way. The brand’s signature pieces, the little black dresses, continue their classy look and high comfort performance; matching fashionably with the contemporary drapery silk jacket. The collection also successfully carries the brand’s vision as an anti-fur and eco-friendly independent label by its simplest silhouette of spreading its best messages to the world.

photography : Tim VanBergen / model : Mercedes Raquel/

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