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Yane Mode fashion editorial Faded Memories features was featured in Creative Fluff Fashion Design highlight. The story of a glorious woman who vanished into the mists of time whereas the brilliant shines left only fading memories behinds. She believe memory believes before knowing remembers .She keeps seeking the linkage between her passed pieces and present zone in balance to her innocent nature. She drove down her 1960’s vintage bug to download with her favorite red fish tail dress while she needs a bit of quite before enter the opening reception cause as soon as she knows being in the center of attention will again reminds her the conflicts of her true identity and the social appearance.The classic decoration from the hotel reminds her classy lifestyle from her childhood while she used to run up and down on the 1800’s wooden stairs with the allover sequins embroidery dolly top match with the bronze silk layering flare skirt that she love. She notes that the past is beautiful because one never realizes an emotion at the time and she doesn’t have complete emotions about the present only about the past. One of her favorite dress is the asymmetrical pleated front metallic bronze nylon taffeta evening dress from her grandma that capture a moment that’s gone forever. She understand very dresses had it own memories which is impossible to reproduce, it been difficult to forget anything on the spot while she decided to leave the passed years and make a note to the vanquished ones to be remembered, continually lives in a formidable present from a distance.

Featured : Creative Fluff / Photography : Tim VanBergen Photography / Model : Mercedes Raquel / Retouch: Tanti Paulanny / Brand : YANE MODE / Art direction : DecoArtpiece

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