LookBook . Visionary

” Visionary for its luminous elements for the use of artistic surface and pattern that draw attention of viewer’s sensation in connection with time and space. The collection emphasis on rich texture and high reflection of the material with elegant cut and classy look of the brand as signature. All the vision that make classic […]

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LookBook . Artisan

This season YANE MODE presents her artisan collection from a range of high quality workmanship clothing with a dedicated look. The art direction of the collection is influenced by the sprite of handmade and traditional workshop which produced the best quality in a small scale. Besides the favorite color vermilion we have seen in her […]

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LookBook . Vintage

An elegant, vintage, classy was the woman of YANE MODE S/S 14 collection. One that could easily be a chic yet contemporary woman with excellent sense of taste will walk these looks with a lovely Rose Ruffles Vest in a historical town to discover great antiques, fly with her favorite Metallic Faux Printed Suede Velvet […]

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